Our Sunday trip to Lake Como (about 90 minutes by train) by excellent good fortune coincides with Dave and Linda on a long weekend, who so kindly drove us half-way up the lake-side to Bellagio for lunch in the recommended (as the pictures attest!) Pizzeria La Brotta. Not at all sure how the irritatingly rather cool local fellow got in on the act!

Splendid neo-classical architecture of the Napoleanic era, and gardens, abound in Bellagio and generally all around Lake Como. As seen in the back-drop to our dinner (not enough hours after the large lunch either ;) at a neat hide-away lido spot, somewhere back towards the Southern end of the Lake.

A perfect day but for foolishly having broken off between lunch and dinner to watch England be massacred by Germany putting us out of the World Cup. Still trying to erase this part from memory!